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Billboard critique in Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

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Analyzing Billboards

I drove around our town looking for billboards and that in itself was hard to do, yet alone look for 3 effective and 3 ineffective ones. I ended up finding 6 and I can break them down into the two categories.

Mystic Islands Casino ( ) , Fireplaces Plus ( ) and Little Egg Dental are the 3 of the 6 that I think are effective billboards.

NuWave Pools (, David T. Wright-Attorney ( and the mortgage one would be my picks for the non-effective ones, or less effective. There’s also a 7th one because it was side by side with the fireplace one and I think it would be considered non-effective as well but because its next to a catchy one people do notice it more than if it stood alone.



Mystic Islands Casino is clean, the words are well spaced out, their logo is known and seen on all of their advertisements and it is large. It gives direction, leaves a phone number, although I think I would have put the area code on there with the phone number. Then again I know this is a bar first, a restaurant second and a liquor store third. Do you know that by looking at this billboard? Probably not. But aesthetically, the billboard works. The font is good too.


Fireplaces Plus is bright and the flames draw attention. The colors are good. It says hey, if you need a fireplace we have them. It leaves a location and a phone number and a website. It boldly says MANAHAWKIN which is a few towns down but it lets you know they are close and they are not located here in Little Egg Harbor. This font is also good. Do they offer more than fireplaces? I don’t know from this billboard.

The 7th billboard was next to this one and yeah ok it’s a catchy phrase on top- Own your own island, then you see water but why oh why is that kitchen island positioned in such a horrible way? The perspective is so wrong. The name Taylor Made flows into the beach sand and doesn’t stand out as much as it could or should.  The fonts on the rest of it are ok and the information is minimal and also okay. I think there may be 3 different fonts on the billboard and they should have stuck with just two. It gets too busy when too may fonts are used.


Lastly, for the effective ones, there is Little Egg Dental. There is a lot of words to read so unless you drive by it every day, you most likely won’t catch all of the wording in one shot. It gives direction, tells you what they are and they used a family image of what I would assume is a grandmother and a grandchild showing the broad age range they cater to. If it was just 2 kids people may think it was just for children so this image works well. I don’t like how they boxed out around the phone number because it almost makes it harder to read.  It’s placed close to the actual location and works well.

Moving on to the less effective of the bunch we first have the lawyer.


Well I know he offers free consultations because they stuttered and said it twice. Or is that their way of making sure its seen? That space could have been used to say something else about them.  White, green and black, clean not too many words- Yes that’s pretty good. Do they only do civil litigations, d.w.i.’s, drug charges and traffic tickets? Maybe that extra space could have said we do much more- call us! None of these billboards made us do anything, nor made us want to do anything. What can a billboard say to make you want to do something? Not an easy question to answer. The logo is a D and a W but the web address throws a T into the mix. The white logo needs some sort of stroke around the D and the W so it stands out a little more.  Where is this guy from or located? Local? Tuckerton? West Creek? Philadelphia? I have no idea because it doesn’t say. The other thing that made me stick this billboard on the non-effective side is the appearance around it. What’s with all the wood? It looks unkempt, under construction or falling apart, maybe broken? Definitely not the attorneys fault but the actual billboard owner themselves should be on top of that.


Next we come to NuWave Pools. The billboard is very small and sometimes, not always, size matters. Does this say there is a pool place and give valuable information on it? Yes, of course. Can you imagine a large billboard for a pool place?  Kids in a pool or sexy women (yes, shut it- sex sells!) holding cocktails with umbrellas in them, a beautifully landscaped backyard oasis, refreshing, bright blue water- That’s a billboard I would enjoy looking at driving down the road. One I could wish I had or dream of one day owning. This billboard is either old and faded or the photography to begin with was blown out or over exposed.  It gives direction, it says that there is more than just pools there and it leaves a long number. Sure maybe using the word swim in your number makes it easy to remember but what were those first 3 numbers again? Exactly. I’d use a local number. Lastly, this one has overgrown bushes blocking out some of the important info that passerby’s need to see. If it can’t be larger it needs to be brighter, bolder, more cleaned up around it and angled slightly more towards the traffic. The fonts are okay.


Ok Mister mortgage guys… you’re up. Let’s start with what drives me nuts first. It’s crooked. Not their fault, but the billboard owners fault. Isn’t it a little low to the ground as well?  It’s large and in a great spot but what does all of that say? What does all that small print say? ON A BILLBOARD?? You need small print? Ughhhh. I see they are local, well, that’s what it says but where are they? I don’t see a town or an address by just driving by. I see two guys and one number. It’s probably better only having one number but hmmm, which guy are you calling? Maybe it should be a billboard for calling a mortgage company instead of calling one of these 2 guys pictured. Do they do FHA or special mortgages? What makes them different than any other mortgage company? I want to know.  Aren’t I supposed to stand out from the rest if I am on a billboard? This billboard is not giving me a reason to call them, as I stated earlier.  Are they at the beach? In Suits?!?! Is that a white beach sky and white water and white sand? When photographing for a billboard you need to follow certain guidelines. None of those guidelines were met here.

Ok- here’s my small print:

Hi Keith! Love ya! Hi Brian! This was an assignment for my college course- I had to pick apart for this and this reason only. By no means is anything I said meant to be hurtful or degrading or rude. It’s just my opinion and just like assholes- everyone has one.  Mystic Islands Casino does have great food and I’ve never had a bad experience there. It’s definitely a place everyone should check out.  Little Egg Dental I have gone to and everyone there is great. My kids have all had great experiences there. I had all great experiences there too except for this one time… at bandcamp… I’ve seen beautiful work coming out of Taylor Made Cabinets and they are a for sure place to visit when shopping for renovations or building a new home. I have no idea who the attorney is or the mortgage guys, personally, but I wish them all the success possible from their billboard advertising.  Do I wish I could photograph every image so that they all work for each company on each billboard? Absolutely! That’s why there are teams of people in advertising who work together. If these billboard companies are not devising a plan for you and giving you fact based info on what works and what doesn’t you need to consult with someone who has your best interest as a top priority. It’s easy for me to critique the photography end for that’s what I do but the marketing end is also something I do well and enjoy.  Offering my opinions comes naturally as well. Wanna know if your butt looks big in those jeans, just ask me. I’m only putting this out in the world wide web because its for school and research purposes. Nothing else. None of the people mentioned or businesses had any clue I was choosing their public billboards nor do they probably care. I’m sure everyone is amazing and if nothing less maybe it’ll get you talked about for a second. Hey did you hear what that hot mess broad said about your billboard? Who does she think she is? Lol- anyhow I love everyone so if I hurt anyone in the making of this assignment I apologize. It was not intentional. If anyone needs photography services for your next billboard, contact me! I’d be glad to help out! I can promise and guarantee bright, bold, catchy perfectly exposed high quality images. Crème de la photo- 609-442-0057 and as always ladies, the boudoir photography is what I love and strive to get every single one of you to experience is . Also on FB at www.facebook.comFemFatPhoto



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