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a letter to my winners of FemFatCash

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Hello (female) Winner!! If you’re a male you can skip down towards bottom-


I hope you are as excited as I am about you winning this! I, myself, never win anything! So, before you think for a second that you don’t need photography, don’t re-gift me to anyone else just yet. You! Yes YOU!!! Need photography in some way, shape or form.


My photography doesn’t discriminate. I don’t care how old or young you are or how big and heavy you may think you are or how skinny, scrawny or out of shape you are.  I don’t mind if you are white, black or polka-dotted. I don’t care if you are gay, straight or in-between. You don’t have too many wrinkles or too many acne scars- There’s nothing you can say that will stop me from talking you into this.  You are not too old for boudoir. You are not too anything to NOT deserve a feel good experience where you get your hair, make up and eyelashes done, let a strap fall off your shoulder and let me pose you and make you images that will last you a lifetime and bring a smirk or smile to your face every time you or a loved one views them.


I am making a memory with you. Freezing a moment in time. My boudoir is classy- never trashy. Tasteful, elegant and beautiful creative pieces of art! You are my subject and I will make you see yourself as others see you… as I see you- Not how you make yourself feel like you look- We are all our own biggest and worst critics- When I capture you from a different angle then what you see in a mirror you will realize that your thighs aren’t that bad or your arms aren’t that flappy. Let me show you!


I guarantee your happiness with me, your experience, your shoot and your images. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So there, I tried selling you, at this moment in your life- the age and shape you are RIGHT NOW- a boudoir session… Did I at least make you consider it? I hope so because boudoir is where my heart and soul is.  If not, lucky for you, I do other types of photography as well. Need a headshot? An image with you pets? A family photo? An engagement photo? Anniversary photo? Mother/daughter pics? Mother/son? Grandma/grandkids? E-Harmony or Christian Mingles dating profile pic? Event coverage such as a birthday or baby or wedding shower? Maternity pics? Holiday pics? Just because pics? A themed fun shoot or a group photo party in your home that you host and reap in tons of benefits? I do so much. Let’s get together and plan something amazing and fun for you. Let me help you step outside the box, a little out of your norm, or let me help you create a fantasy. Our choices are unlimited-


Guys- I specialize in mens shoots used for online social media sites, dating websites and professional platforms such as LinkedIn, father/son, son/mother/grandmother and so much more. Don’t let me being a boudoir photographer scare you away but if you must re-gift me to someone- any lady would be happy to be told “here’s a head start on a photo session to make you feel amazing with Amanda”.


You can call me, text me, message me or email me. FaceTime me, Skype me, Tango me or IMO me. Most are through my cell phone number 609-433-6665 Skype is fem_fat_photo Before all shoots it is a must to sit down with me to consult, think and plan- face to face.


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