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Tuckerton Boudoir photographer, Amanda Horner, hits another kink

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Im doing it. Im basically there. You have this vision, this dream, this goal. You can see it , touch it , feel it, even smell it. I am THIS close to helping more women feel amazing about the skin they are in, the bodies they are in, the face that they wear- OHHHH the ways I can get to boost these women’s self esteem is right there, at my fingertips… and I get settled, I get in and I put up a temporary banner to cover the existing sign I have out front of my location and BAM- Amanda gets knocked down… nope it wasn’t windy and her pathetically frail skinny scrawny ass didn’t get blown over, nope she didn’t trip and fall this time. She put the banner up and the township said WHOAAAAA hold on Nelly- Get it down or you’re going to be ticketed. But why? “I live on Rt. 9, I have an existing sign in my front yard with amazing visibility and although the old sign says I am a store and people think its ok to walk into my front door with all expectations that they are walking into an antique store thats been recently renovated (mind u I am a single mom to 4 kids so having people walk into my home is NOT SAFE) all I did was put up a temporary banner to announce that FEMME FATALE PHOTOGRAPHY is alive! It exists and now people here can experience this amazing thing, right here in TUCKERTON, NJ!!!! But no- you cant figure that out by driving past me, down Rt. 9 ,past the 7/11 or Ace Hardware stores…. You just have to know by word of mouth because I am not allowed to have my sign up….. yet…

So, Basically- I am here- I am ready for you- YES YOU!! Don’t tell me you’re too old, too fat, too wrinkly, too out of shape, too nervous, too scared, too anything-  YOU’RE NOT! You’re perfect- just the way you are. Thats what makes each and every shoot unique. No two women are the same and no two eyes view any one person the same. We all see something different when we look at each other. When a heavy woman says, “ughhh I’m so fat” and someone comes up and says “no sweetie, You’re beautiful”. That heavy woman needs to turn to her and say “I didn’t say I was ugly.” Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks- Start worrying about you and how you feel. I don’t just take your pictures and send you off. I build a relationship with you. I talk with you, I offer advice, be it good bad or indifferent, I’ll offer you something. I want you to take away much more then an 10×13 print or a little black book of yourself. I want you to walk away an ever so much changed person! One who can confidently look in the mirror the next day and see what I see. Not what you thought we all saw.

This is my job- This is my mission. Be a part of it? SAY yes, Let me have ‘atcha and I promise you, you have my complete guarantee that if you are not happy- I am not happy and I will do everything I can to fix that, change that or I’ll refund your money back for the photoshoot- It’s that easy- What do you have to lose? I’d rather you comment here and tell me everything you have to gain! Lets start those lists ladies- Tell me about yourselves- Comment here or message me- email me, call me, text me, Skype me- Tango me, Facetime me- I am here for you!


** back to the sign issue** I want to play by the rules. I am currently waiting to hear back from the township for the correct procedures to go by in order to have my sign go up. I am not sure if I am doing a change of usage, or if I have to reapply for the sign altogether, or if I need special permissions from the land and use board or what- I have to go to a few meetings, read up on a few guidelines and rules and regulations. There is a wonderful female in the township office and she is doing everything she can to help me and I appreciate her so much. Some people told me its going to be impossible but I laugh at that- Nothing is Impossible! I just want it done right since I cant wish myself back to the olden days where you could basically do as you pleased without making someone, somewhere -Mad.

Men- sometimes you guys need a boost as well and I do offer male shoots, regular, not so regular, dudoir, headshots and much more. I’d love to meet you and talk to you about what I can come up with for you. As with the women, each shoot planned for a guy is just as unique.

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3 Replies to “Tuckerton Boudoir photographer, Amanda Horner, hits another kink”

  1. I had my shoot on St Pats. I had a great time. and Amanda you are awesome!!! I would def paint the existing sign over so people stop entering your home!


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