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Update to FemFatPhotos’ sign issue *Tuckerton Photographer*

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Well I may have done a live FB video and a few angry posts about 
my initial experience with my sign issue but let me tell you whats
happened in the last 2 days..

Heres what happened. I assumed since my property came with a sign that I could just redo it to fit my needs- I was slightly mistaken. While I did it to protect my home and kids since people thought I was a newly renovated store and they thought they could just walk in, I figured I’d cover it w my professionally done, expensive banner and be done- then later on when I was permanently going to stay here I’d get a real wood sign made (even more expensive). The Banners were just to hold me over till that time came and finally say NO I am not a store here. Well, I must have ruffled some feathers, most likely because they prob thought I was doing it and trying to get away with something that I needed permission for, without getting permission. So no- I just honestly DIDN’T KNOW. A banner covering old sign to me was just that- a banner over an incorrect sign. So anyhow- MOST of you know what I went thru- if you saw my live video or read any of my posts. Without going backwards in time and remaining positively going forward I have to say this- Philip Reed who has been working for this borough for many years called me and he was so very helpful, understanding and kind. He explained things to me, what was allowed, what was not allowed, how to get the approval for my sign to go up, what not to do , what to do better, how to fill out form, offered advice on the actual busy-ness of the sign and so much more- It was beyond a pleasure speaking with him and having him be so genuinely helpful (and different from my first meeting w him) lol. I’m sorry, I chuckle, but I’m just so dang happy-  I’m sure there are many other people to thank in this matter, some will remain nameless due to titles but my big brother who has come thru for me so many times- Jenny Allen who was so kind and helpful and went right to work on all my issues I had and how she listened and understood me and made me at ease knowing we would figure this out- the right way. Thank you to Tuckerton Boro for making this a great place to reside!  P.s. I’ll be in later w form and to order more trash cans (wink wink)

#sarcasism at its #finest #thosewhoknow #thewholetruth must just #laugh at this and #shaketheirheads #townshipofficials #tuckertonboro #retirement #time

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