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Facebook made me edit my story, so I did.

Here’s a part of my story that can also be found on my Facebook Page click here

What started out as a boudoir journey that was going just perfectly fine has turned into a complete life path journey that I found myself on. I finally said wow, I’m on a path I actually belong on. Usually, typically I always chose the wrong way but as I look back all those wrong ways, dead ends and near devastating cliff dives got me to exactly where I am now. Exactly where I belong. In order to do this right, and honestly I had to drop my glass shield, admit how hurt I have been over the last 30 some years, acknowledge that I wasn’t alone and suit up again, but this time with no shield, no armour, no mask, no doors, no swinging swords– just completely as myself. Just a little ole’ me. Purely myself. Emotional when everyone else only knows me an emotionless. Sappy and caring when everyone else only knew me as hard ass, strong willed- powerful me. And I am not saying I am not any of these things people thought I was, I’m just saying “I am more.” Shooting boudoir I am stripping individuals down to their most vulnerable state. I am unpeeling them one layer at a time, one piece at a time. It’s like strip poker but in a much more relaxed and controlled environment. Some would feel powerless, some would feel powerful. Some came in weak but left strong as a bull- Some were shy and timid, quiet and nervous and I had to peel them down off my spinning chandelier 15 foot up in the ceiling while they were yelling heeHAW by the end of the shoot. Point is- We all had something in common regardless of how we came off and that was that we were all susceptible to physical or emotional, verbal or mental harm, hurt or betrayal- from friends, family, loved ones, enemies, from strangers and/or just preconceived notions. If it wasnt already a part of their/our past, we were still open for it in the future. We are human, after all. Unfortunately I saw that the damage was already done in most of us. We all had a story and we all had a story we could relate with each other in one way shape or form. These stories started turning into my burning passions and desires to help change, to help mend, to fix- to better- to forget… even if just for the moment. I started to realize my camera wasnt even my camera anymore. My hand was my camera. My eyes were my camera. My words. My thoughts, my voice. My camera is just an extension of myself. I am the camera. I am what is going to capture and create this moment in time.When you come to me be ready- be ready to just be you- The real deal, however you are you, Be bold, be brave, be scared, be nervous, be whatever it is that YOU ARE because you are now about to enter the most incredible judgment free zone of your entire life! Welcome to Femme Fatale Photography, LLC- A fully insured, legal, registered boudoir experience run by just little ole’ me- You know….that crazy single mom to 4 who seems to have no filter and is probably one of the most misjudged people you will ever meet- (no longer single after 7 treacherous years) Stay tuned for my story coming to you in form of one of the hardest things I ever had to do- (My Thesis- a work in progress coming sometime in Feb 2018) #TheArtofLovingYou #mommythebommy #amandahorner #boudoir #bebold #bebrave #beyou #yourstory #tellyourstory #showyourscars #freeyourself #yourenotalone 


*update 6/29/18 the thesis is complete and it’s called “scratching the surface”. You can find links to it here in this blog. The Crappy part is naming it was just as hard as developing it and when I named it I wanted it to sound as if there would also be more, that I would try to go deeper and I really wanted to but I’m struggling with it. Do I let it go, try to forget and just move on w my new life or is this the type of thing u really have to get it all out before you can free yourself mentally and emotionally? Leave your thoughts in the comments *

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