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My 9 yr old son just opened my eyes to bathroom stall danger! BEWARE!

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Privacy is a huge issue with me and my photography clients, be them women shooting boudoir or children needing to remain unknown and off the internet so when I saw this I immediately wanted to get the word out. I didn’t know of this till my 9 year old just said “hey Mom, look at this, make sure you look for these in bathroom stalls.” This goes for men and women, also children. Almost every hook in a stall should be one hook, not this odd 2 hook plastic type. I’ve frequented an uncountable about of bathroom stalls and changing areas- It seems nothing is safe anymore- NOTHING! And who is to say that they will even be able to catch the person who hung them where you find one? They probably don’t have the resources to do that yet, but they should! Seeing the ridiculous amounts of wasted funding and research that goes into other shit- but thats neither here nor there. Keep your eyes open for these hooks- call management, police or rip the sucker off the wall yourself but either way- Always remain aware that there can be a sicko lurking anywhere- even though you cant see them near you.

I am attaching the video where my son found it to this so that you can watch it for yourself. I didn’t watch the whole thing I only saw a few seconds of it. – I just want everyone to be protected. Youtube video  This is not my YouTube video, nor am I associated, affiliated or related to it in any way shape or form. I am simply sharing in hopes that it may save someone from having their privacy ripped away from them and or prevents them from being involved in any illegal garbage.

I simple own and run both Femme Fatale Photography #boudoir and créme de la photo and I know how important privacy is. #femfatphoto #kremdaylaphoto #privacy #releases #photographyreleases #conspiracytheories #sickos #perverts #sickfucks #childpredators #amandaleephotography #amandhornerphotography #plastichookcameras #hiddencameras #bathroomsaftey

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