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What’s with the whacked pics from that weird woman…

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This is not even about coming to me for some fun, weird shots. Of course I would love for you to schedule your back to school images with me so we can have fun and make them unique but this is more about you just getting out there and shooting some crazy, off the wall, outside the box stuff even if all you have is a cell phone.

Grab your kid(s) and walk down the street or around the block. See, now not only are you setting out on an adventure that your kids will find exciting, but you’re getting fresh air and exercise with it too.

Look at what people throw out to the curb, can you do anything silly with it? Find a turtle or snake or grasshopper. I’m sure with the garbage all over you can find something, somewhere to stick in the pic to make it unique and fun. Use your kids silly expressions to make or break it, get them involved. Their minds are amazing things if you just let them tell you whats inside… These tea bag earrings were not my doing…

going teabag anything & anywhere she wants in life

Hand your kid(s) several items and see what they do with them. Don’t tell them what to do. Send me what you come up with and I’ll feature you in my blog.

And now that I am thinking about it, bring a Walmart bag on this walk and collect garbage along the way (candy wrappers coffee cups, water bottles). Help clean up our streets and towns while your walking around. Just don’t pick up anything like needles or sharp items that can hurt you. Call your local police department and tell them the location of the sharps and they will come pick them up.  You will feel good after this short walk down the road or around the block. You spent time with your kids, you acted or tried to act silly and take fun pics with them and you cleaned up your environment all while getting fresh air and exercise.

See where that went real fast…… Be different, be weird, be whacky- just don’t be late for dinner, right?

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~~~ Amanda xoxo ~~~


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