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Why créme de la photo?

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Did you ever start to have all these ideas rolling in and instead of weighing out which ones sounded good, which ones you needed to axe and which ones should have already been forgotten about before getting them written down in your notes you already ran with them all? Yes that’s about how my photography business(s) started out. It was back in 2014 and I ran with it all and then my, what I thought was an awesome boudoir named business, just didn’t mix well with portrait work and kids, families and events, so créme de la photo was born.  A doing business as, separate side of my photography as a whole. Take for example: me inviting the sweetest, most religious grandmother into my studio to see my work and consult with me about getting her grandkids portraits done before hiring me for their big bar mitzvah and her walking in and seeing cleavage, bedroom shots, straps falling off shoulders type boudoir and more all over my walls and I’m not saying there was anything wrong with this- I’m just saying maybe Grandma wasn’t expecting it. I needed to make people aware and have them know what they were getting into when choosing to work with me.

créme de la photo allowed me to separate my passions but at the same time added so much more work for myself (we’ll get into that at another time). I struggle with saying no and I always want to try everything at least once. For those of you who know me my burning desire and main passion is boudoir. I want every single woman to love themselves as they are, experience a shoot with me where there are no judgments to be made and you leave pondering the thought of why hadn’t you done this sooner. So yes when you think of boudoir I want you to think of me but this isn’t about my boudoir right now, its about créme de la photo and what I can do for you. Over on this side I offer portraits, headshots, stylized shoots (wardrobe is available if you don’t have your own), this is for kids, adults and pets. I do senior portraits, parties, events, fundraisers, holidays.  I do couples, engagements, maternity, some newborns and some types of weddings and so much more. Some types of weddings and newborns? Yes, and bear with me because this blog is new.. I will explain that at another time.

Heres one of my first(good) newborn shots.


Heres one of my first manipulated portraits done in 70 degree sunny weather where I was pushing myself to learn. I made her wear the hat and coat and added the snow in an attempt to pull off a snowy image. Do you think it looks real? Let me know in the comments


Here’s another portrait, shot on the same day as the snowy one above, where we found some props to work with. We were rubbing this to see if we could make a genie appear. All shoots with kids are meant to be absolutely FUN and laid back! Did I mention yet that I am a poker player as well?  Well, patience is one of my many super powers. **Stylized shoot- outfit by Dollcake (Most of my kids wardrobe choices are from Dollcake) Model: Raighen Ashtyn**


Heres a shot from a wedding I did in 2016 where two amazing hearts joined together as one- I do not care if you are gay, straight, black, white or polka dotted. I will make sure your day has amazing images for you to cherish for many , many years to come.  I try to come prepared for anything and everything so I brought with me a whole bunch of color coordinated papers and made them do things where they thought I was a little nutty but in the end it all made sense. Sometimes its safe to say, “Trust me, I’m a photographer.”


As for now, and until I get this blog up to date- you can contact me with any questions or concerns or for booking info by visiting my website.

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